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We will board your alpaca for $2.75 per day.  Cost includes Premium Pelleted Feed, fresh water and hay daily. Your animals, once quarantine is over, will be introduced into the larger herd where they will be handled daily in a manner that we feel suits their personality.  Routine health maintenance is included in the charge, however, any additional medical needs will be billed separately.  A boarding contract for each boarder is required.

Contract Knitting or Spinning

My charge for spinning is $5.00 per ounce for fingering weight 2 ply.  If raw fleece add $25.00 for skirting and cleaning, add $15.00 per hour is it is very dirty.

Knitting;  gloves, hats or scarves will be based on the items and pattern chosen.  An example would be $50.00 charge for a simple scarf without cabling, $75.00 with cabling.