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Learn to spin on a Spinning Wheel:

4  2-hour lessons - $135.00 includes 1/2 pound of fiber to spin.  First lesson is an introduction to fiber and fiber preparation with introduction to the wheel and how it operates.  There will be some time to actually begin spinning.  In the second lesson you will continue to learn how to prepare your fiber and spin a single.  3rd Lesson will introduce you to the art of plying.  4th Lesson more plying and techniques.


Learn to Knit

After you've

 learned to spin your own yarn you can knit it up into a nice scarf or hat!  Just kidding!  We have plenty of ready-made yarn for you to knit beautiful accessories for yourself or your loved ones!

4 2-hour sessions - $135.00 includes one (1) 200 yard 2/ply fingerweight alpaca yarn in natural or hand dyed color.  Your first lesson will begin with cast on techniques and learning to knit and purl.  The second and third lessons will introduce you to patterns and different stitches that add contour and texture to your knitting.  The last session will be a review of what you learned plus intro to Unknitting, how to fix your mistakes

Class Scheduling is based on individual needs.  Please private message me on Facebook, email me or call me!