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Please contact us privately if you would like to discuss alpacas as a lifestyle. 


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Alpacas are one of many livestock that can be raised for their fiber.  Livestock raised for its fiber is naturally going to be prey animals and will require planning before you take your animals home.  Below are a few suggestions that we would offer before you purchase your first animal.  We are happy to offer  agisting (boarding) for a limited number of your animals.  Additional Charges would be applied if the animals are not purchased from our herd or a boarder's herd. 

Tips to First Time Buyers:

1.  Read all you can about Alpacas.
2.  Take courses on general health issues but particularly reproduction/gestation/birthing.  Just because you own dogs/horses/goats/sheep doesn't mean you know what is best for alpacas.  Alpacas are not goats.
3.  Visit a few farms and ask questions. Pay particular attention to fencing, sheltering and feeding methods.
4.  Prepare your farm for your animals by putting up new fencing or reinforcing older ones.  Barbed Wire is not a good choice for fleeced animals.  You want a fence that will keep out predators of the domestic type.  Consider taking on a Livestock Guardian Dog or two to protect your livestock and join a good LGD Chat Site to learn about them as well!
5.  If you will be raising animals for their fleece you should learn about what it is to produce a good end product.
6. Check with your Veterinarian to make sure he/she will treat your animals.  Many Veterinarians are not willing to take on alpaca patients if they do not have experience.  You may need to spend time and even drive a good distance to find a veterinarian willing to take your animals as patients.